For the past 4 years, I have worked closely with Houston Children’s Charity both professionally and personally. I have witnessed moments where a child’s life has been changed because of their efforts and support and I have seen countless children smile as we load their brand-new bed for them to take home. There are so many ways that this charity helps our community and NOW we get to make an even bigger difference.  

Young Houstonians for Houston Children’s Charity (YHHCC) is the first young professional group for Houston Children’s Charity and I am honored to be the Founding Chair.  I have always wanted to be a part of something where I can help make a difference—what better way than to help Houston’s most innocent and in-need children.

                                                                                           ~Rachael Gordon, YHHCC Founding Chair 

As I've gotten older, too often I have found myself asking what would be the legacy I'd leave behind. One experience that made a huge impact on my life was the summer I spent in Haiti in 2012. The families I met there had smiling faces and high spirits considering the situation they were in. Meeting these amazing people with such positive outlooks, even through hardship, has truly made me appreciate everything I have been so fortunate for in my life. The families and people over the years that I've been honored to meet through volunteering have truly inspired ideas and solutions for me - not only in work but also in my personal life. They have inspired dreams greater than I ever knew before. YHHCC has been one of my greatest accomplishments. Witnessing our community come together for a bigger cause and putting smiles on countless children’s faces has truly been a blessing.


Words are not enough to express my gratitude towards Laura Ward for allowing us to start up a young professionals group in extension to Houston Children’s Charity. I've seen great work from this organization and I look forward to continuing to see the difference YHHCC will make in people's lives - THIS is the legacy I wanted to leave behind. 

                                                                                       ~Alyx Haraway, YHHCC Founding Vice-Chair